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Dr. Nik Tchaouchev received his first dental degree in 1996 in Europe, receiving a Masters Degree in Dentistry from the Medical Institute in Plovdiv. His wife and he moved to Canada in 2004 and he finished the Qualifying Program for Foreign Trained Dentists in the University of Toronto in 2007. After practicing for three years in the remote areas of the Western provinces, his family and he finally decided to settle in the best part of Canada - Victoria!

Dr. Nik feels comfortable with most parts of dentistry. Nevertheless, for him the biggest practice builder is honesty and face to face relationships.

‘My expertise should be of help to the people who trusted me by coming to my office. There is an immense sense of satisfaction for me as a dentist, in a work well done and a grateful patient.’

En mi oficina se habla espanol!

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