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A Family Dentistry Office - for the whole family! Come in even only if for a friendly chat.

Preventive Dentistry - the so-called “tooth cleaning”. A very important task, giving us the opportunity to establish an early diagnosis, thus preventing bigger problems. Learn more!

Restorative Dentistry - “fillings” — only composite resin “white fillings” are offered at Roseland Dental, as well as crowns, veneers, and other esthetic solutions for your concerns.

Tooth Replacement - Dentures, Implants, Bridges. Learn more!

Implant Dentistry - The surgical part that gets the “screw” into the bone and the following restoration on it: the new tooth. Learn more!

Endodontics - “Root Canals”- the option for a patient in pain, who wants to preserve the tooth.

Oral Surgery - “Pull the tooth out, doc...” wisdom teeth extractions, simple extractions, complicated extractions.

Periodontics - “Gums are hurting…” Resolving issues like bleeding gums, bad breath, deep, infected gum pockets.

Laser Treatments - latest in dentistry - predictable, painless results for some gum interventions.

Mild Sedation - for my patients - laughing gas!

Teeth Whitening - You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Learn more!

The least invasive orthodontics - Invisalign - try the “invisible” ortho with Dr. Nik.

En mi oficina se habla espanol!

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