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Dear Friends,

I am proud to present to my patients the new era of in-office whitening systems: “IVERI” Whitening.

White teeth and radiant smiles have always been the emblem of beauty and attractiveness. My reluctant stance to incorporate this procedure until now was due to the regularly appearing post-treatment discomfort for patients after whitening — caused by their teeth becoming too sensitive (more than before treatment). This is a normal occurrence for teeth recently desiccated by chemicals and UV light, as done until now in many offices by dental hygienists and cosmeticians.

I cannot accept that my patients will appear in my place asking me for a better looking smile and leave the office with one, as promised, but also with a much more uncomfortable mouth... (ouch!)

The IVERI Dental Whitening System

  • Neutral pH for the active whitening ingredients of hydrogen and carbamide peroxide.
  • Potassium nitrate and xylitol to eliminate tooth sensitivity and prevent tooth dehydration.
  • IVERI blue and red light to whiten. NO UV; NO heat!

A big advantage according to me (having seen so many gagging patients) is there is NO need of impressions before procedure, and there are SAME DAY results.

Exclusively Available Through Dental Professionals

This is a treatment which can be administered only by dentists and licensed medical personnel, as certain topically applied medications must be prescribed and accounted for. (Vitamin E, for example.)

A couple of links for your additional information:

Respectfully, Dr. Nik

If you think that IVERI teeth whitening might be right for you, contact us today to request a dental appointment.

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