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Tooth loss can be caused by several reasons such as illness, ageing, an accident, etc. Those who suffer from tooth loss can have extremely negative effects on their self-esteem and also their ability to chew food.

Dentures can be the answer to regaining that beautiful smile and confidence. By offering a partial and full denture treatment plan, there is sure to be a plan that will suit you aesthetically and financially.

The tooth portion the dentures are made from ceramic or ceramic-like materials; they are super durable and very strong. The base section is made from acrylic, which fits neatly over the gums.

Some of the advantages of partial and full dentures are:

● Improved ability to chew

● Improved aesthetic appearance

● Improved speech

● Overall improvement to oral health.

The Process:

Partial and Full Dentures

An impression will be taken of your teeth and jaw alignment by your dentist; they will ensure that the dentures match your tooth colour and face shape.

For patients who are receiving partial dentures, the replacement teeth are fixed to a gum-coloured base section, which is bonded to a metal framework. This framework is fixed in place by attaching to the existing teeth beside the empty space.

For those patients receiving full dentures, the denture is made once all remaining teeth have been extracted, and the gums have healed; this process can take about three months.

Flexible Partials

As an alternative to the rigid metal-based dentures, flexible partial dentures could work for you. These types of dentures don’t require rigid fixing to the existing teeth, and they provide a more natural look and better fit.

The flexible partials are often made more quickly than traditional dentures. They are made with better materials, so provide a better fit and design, and the nylon resin doesn’t break.

“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond”

― Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote, 1605

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